Shader to RGB for cycles

Is this node actually working correctly when used in cycles ? i’m trying to get a crosshatch effect mixed with the principled shader but it works only in eevee, is there any plan to make the node useful in cycles ? can anybody tell me how to get this effect working in cycles ?

That node explicitly does not work for cycles.

The nature of a path tracer makes this kind of evaluation difficult, you might want to look into the compositor to apply this effect in post.


Damn i specifically want it to work as a shader, i’m willing to switch to eevee for this project if i can’t get the effect working, especially since i want to apply the effect on shadows too.

I would still like to see this node working in cycles.

Yeah, sorry. Eevee is going to be your best bet. if you need better lighting, you could potentially do a hybrid, and composite the crosshatching from eevee over the cycles render

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Interesting, i will experiment with the hybrid but to be honest i can get pretty impressive results with eevee already so we will see.

Thank you.

If sufficient, you can render it out in Eevee and map it onto Cycles as screen space. No baking, but will fail in reflections etc.