Shaders plug-in's

HI is their any skin shader plug-in?? I have see some screen shot’s of artwork that used some skin shader with blender and look’s life like.
and also Is their any tutorial on human modeling?? like makeing a human professionaly.
Like made a human model life like.

thanks for your time.:ba:

Since Blender 2.44, you no longer need any script or plugin. For some quick results you just have to activate subsurface scattering in the shader and choose one of the skin presets for colors. For some also fast result in modeling, you can use Make Human ( Otherwise, if you got acquainted with some principles of organic modeling -(if not go there first: - …the following tutorial has an interesting workflow:
There are some others for various parts of a human on the same site:

Well I am trying to start making 3d models for my game it’s a city simulation, and I want to graphicly make it pro looking like today’s games or better, like that skin shader, and other shader’s, I only can work with .x or .3ds format’s so is it possible to export in .3ds format, able to also export it with it’s bone animation or any of it’s animation.

are their any tutorials on these things??

Thanks for your time.

Since for games, I guess your modeling can be cheaper, you then use the decimate function in the mesh tools.
About the shader, if your lights are parented to the character, or you don’t need the character’s position twowards them to evolve too much, then, maybe you can get away with baking your shader as a texture.
Or maybe you prefer to wait until version 2.5 or so of blender, after summer of code for completion of the GLSL work:
Anyway, it seems to me that all this stuff is more geared to the internal game engine so I don’t know how much it will be exported into another format.
You’d better post in the game engine section of this forum to get more experienced feedback.
Also, If you’re into artistic games, you might like this site:

hI just wanted to know if make human is freeware??? Like could I use it for commercial purpose’s???

If you want it to look anything like today’s games, then Blender is not your GE.

Try CrystalSpace or OGRE.

The following bold line is an even more direct link to your answer on Make Human’s website:,lTGgInNrGorpzFlI&sec=9b69b86cbba4b9b8813203dc03ec5c11
Therefore I firmly recommand clicking on it and reading for yourself how free it really is…:eyebrowlift2: