Shaders triplanar , slope textures blend

I don’t see those in the shader editor, are those availabke shaders Eevee only shaders ?

I found a triplanar shader, but i’m not sure projection box is the right shader.

Aren’t they just referring to this :question:

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i’m not using evee at all so no clue about that, but…

@BluePrintRandom managed to create a simple to use setup right here:

yeah this was actually @ethicalfive I think*

but I think box projection and tri-planar mapping are similar for sure

we can actually use

dot(normal, Vector) to mix a map in for every of the cardinal 6 directions

up down left right forward back

we can also compare (origin - position).normalized() vs normal can color the inside of a object with different textures on the inside.

Upbge 0.3 shaders :

Vertex color paint

Automatic slope texturing shader

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What @FreeAccess pointed out is the way to go with Eevee and Cycles.
It’s integrated in blender , no need to use workaround anymore. But with UPBGE I don’t know if it’s possible or not…

it is*

but sometimes it’s nice to have the top / bottom / sides all be different textures* for like a car for instance.

one could even bake this to a uv map after

I recommend watching this video for people wanting to work with the shader editor