topic 10 - Welding

Hi to all I made a simple entry with a procedural shader, I’m not the better user in that and I would share the file to the community and get a collaboration for a better result. from that, because I think is a good start.

the rendering is bit different form the file, because of hdri map

welding_challange.blend (689.4 KB)


seen at least 3 ways of doing this

see one here with UV image here

but interesting to see a proc texture for it
can you show the nodes set up

how did you limit the texture to the welded part ?

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Cool. I actually did one myself just a few days ago - was finally able as with some help I was able to create repeatable generators over one seam. I’ll see if I can find it.

Open the file attached and check?

i check the file using Vcol - nice trick

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Here a new done yesterday I come back from the work

now :slight_smile:


an update, I hope to end this, but my laptop is too old.

I couldn’t get your way to work well with how I do pipes.
But here is how I approach buttwelds, in this case for a stub-in.

I set it up similar to this:

  1. Extrude verts where the line goes.
  2. Vertex bevel for the bends. Add extra verts where the welds will be.
  3. Convert to curve and add a bevel/thickness to it.
  4. Duplicate and change to mesh.
  5. Select the loops to become welds, delete the rest.
  6. Convert to curve and add bevel to the loops. Use UV for mapping.
  7. Possibly convert back to mesh if desired.

For the stub-in weld, I just hand drew a line snapping to the surface.

Shown nodes are only for the bump, I’m not doing anything for color or roughness.