Shading editor only showing textures for one object at a time


I was experimenting with some materials this evening and made 2 duplicate spheres to test on. I put a couple of nodes together in the shading tab (a simple voronoi together with a BSDF) and applied this to the first sphere. This worked fine. I then applied the same material to the second sphere (the idea is that I could tweak it around). However the second sphere only displayed the BSDF and not the texture.

If I hide the original sphere then the second sphere will texture correctly. The spheres are duplicates of one another and they have the exact same material applied to them but I am getting very different results!

I can’t see anyone having a similar problem and I am a little stumped
Because I can only use one picture I have stitched a couple together - hopefully you can see what I mean
Top photo - original sphere selected
Middle photo - duplicate sphere selected
Bottom photo - if I hide the original sphere

Hopefully I am being stupid but I have never run into this issue before.


Turn visibility back on for the original item

Sorry my fault, I perhaps wasn’t clear in my explanation.

Both spheres should have the musgrave texture on them (I mistakenly said voronoi earlier). The second sphere only textures when I hide the original sphere. So turning back on the visibility of the original sphere just removes the musgrave texture on the second sphere :man_shrugging:

Try this… (Sorry I’m rendering a project or I’d upload a quick video)
Turn both Spheres back on. In Object mode, select the duplicate and remove the material by pressing the - beside the material box. Click New. Instead of creating a NEW material, click the drop down box beside the material name and select the material the original is using. This will make BOTH objects use the same material and both should be visible. You can then click the number under the material to make both independent to each other (creating the second material).

If this doesn’t work, this is the next question I have: is the duplicate UV Unwrapped and is that unwrap the same as the original?

I had the same thought about the shared materials. I started a new file, added two cubes (not duplicates) and made identical materials (but not shared). So each object had its own material and isn’t linked in any way. Unfortunately same issue. Interestingly the shader textures do appear if I swap back to ‘Rendered view’ in cycles, but that is less than ideal for working in.

As for the UVs, I used cubes (so very simple uv maps) and unwrapped them again just on the off chance. No luck unfortunately.

A head scratcher for sure