Shading: How do I invert displacement height by color?

I am very new to Blender, both the software and the community, so I’m sure I didn’t say it right in the title and it’s called something else. Anyway, I’m making a model of a simple Mushroom and have started texturing it. I saw a tutorial online about it, and I want to make the mushroom’s lamella go inwards, but when I use the Displacement Node and connect height to color, the lamella goes outwards. I tried using the invert node but it didn’t help. Please help.

You’ll find an answer here:

Node setup:

Enter negative value to Scale parameter.


I did this and it inverted the colors. I don’t want this. I want the colors to stay the same. I just want the lighter brown to be rendered higher than the darker brown.

Then upload your Height Map. We must see your map.