shadow for rolling object?

(chrisjengle) #1

Does anyone know how I can get my mesh shadow to stay beneath my rolling ball. If I parent it to it it rolls with it, I tried making the shadow track to and follow the ball at a high speed but it kept flashing and doing weird things. I though perhaps setting the faces as billboards at a cartain angle would do it but as far as I can tell billboards are random or invisible unless you do them properly. I still have a suspicion tha I might be able to use the builboard still but I’m not sure. Does anyone have the answer?

(Krabat) #2

Try parenting the shadow to the caster, select the shadow, press “f” to go into face mode and in the paint buttons activate “shadow”. Should work if you have B2.25… The result is not ideal but works good so far…


(chrisjengle) #3

I was able to get it to work by using the billboard face option. I now imagine that the shadow option would do the same thing but with less fuss. But now I can’t figure out the proper orientation and method to getting the shadow option itself to work, is it the same as with the halo?
Thanks for the help so far. This demo I’m making is looking awsome.

(ineedanewbi) #4

its easy u need to VERTEX PARENT
to do this u need to go to ur ball mesh and add a single vertex in the middle of the ball where it rotates

then select the shadow and then select the ball
instead of hitting ctrl + p, hit TAB
select the center vertex u made earlier and now hit ctrl + p

the shadow should now move with the ball but should not rotate with it

(Fred_Pyo) #5

Shadows are way easy dude!

This is what i do:

  1. I have my character/ball/whatever
  2. I enter edit mode for this character
  3. I add a Plane from top view into the middle of my character and then make sure it’s just above the object’s middle point.
  4. I texture the plane and set it to shadow… ( the plane has to have it’s normals facing upwards)
  5. I press “P” and it all works

That’s all, did I make any sense of myself?

NOTE: if the shadow is below the character’s middle point, it will be projected below the floor, and if it is just in the character’s middle point it will create a funky flickery effect with your floor, so… i just move it 0.100 above the middle point so that it works just fine (or maybe more).