"Shadow only" vs shadow transparency\color


whenever I set a material to “shadow only”, the shadow received is always totally black. Even if I change color of the lamp to gray or so the shadow still stays very dark. How to handle that?

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It’s maybe a job for the Ambient Occlusion. You can ever try increasing the amount of samples (and the render time btw) but I guess that can depend on which lamp you use. Lamp plus Ray Shadow selected permit you to change the color then the intensity of the shadow (in the tab Shadow and Spot).

I seem to remember running into a similar issue in the past. I believe I was trying to use it as a matte material.
I think the solution that worked for me was to save the file, and append the object without materials into a new file. Then I tried applying to material again, and it worked.

When a material is set to be rendered as “Shadow Only”, the alpha slider for that material controls the intensity of the shadow. Your shadows are completely black because the alpha is set to 1.0. Set it to .5 and the shadow will be gray (actually transparent black).

Alpha made a difference. Thank you!!