shadow only

(goneflyin) #1

I’m wanting to do some 2 1/2 D work using a photo of a scene and I want to put in some objects that are shadow only so it looks like the 3D object is in the scene. I’ve tried doing it the way they did in the Blender Book, but I never seem to be able to get it right. I either get the invisible object to dark and you can clearly see it in the scene or I get no shadow.

Can anyone help or point me to a really good tutorial on this?


(valarking) #2

In the materials window there’s a group of buttons stacked vertically. At the bottom is one that says, “OnlyShadow”, click it and be amazed.

(goneflyin) #3

Should I have anything else selected when I use the only shadow button?

(theeth) #4

Traceable (facultative)


(goneflyin) #5

thanks I appreciate the info