Shadow problem (stripes)


Sorry if this question is basic, but shadows in Blender are driving me crazy…

Please take a look at my screenshot… What’s with the stripes on the walls? And why is the ceiling all dark??? :o

Could someone modify my blend file, so that I see how to set up a simple lighting, with regular shadows, please?

How would YOU do it, if you wanted to keep it ULTRA simple, with NO raytracing involved?

Thank you in advance! :wink:

the stripes are caused by the spot light ,just move it down a bit and scale it . i think that you don’t need the sun light ,and set the clipsta for the spot light to 0.10

Thanks! :wink:

But why is ceiling so dark? :-?

i think your ceiling is dark, because your light is too close to it. you will need a second light, that lights from the floor to your ceiling.

hope it helps…


Thanks Vince! :wink: