Hi. This is an image i did in Photoshop. I used my awesome Wacom tablet.

Tell me what you think. :smiley:


No replies? :frowning:


Nobody ever replies to the traditional forums, wich is really sad. :< This piece has the feeling of some tribal artwork that I’ve seen. It makes me think of a mask rather than a face. The figure seems very distraught. Simple, but interesting on multiple levels. Keep up the good work.

PS. Wacom tablets are awsome!

Yeah… I wish more people commented here, too.

Thanks! :smiley:


hmm, i find the small brush you’ve used distracting, too much detail created by the fine brush size, detail which doesnt show anything or need to be there.

the shadow’s you’ve used make the cheek and forehead areas look very flat, try blending the shading a lot more, maybe