Shadows are very black!

How can i fix that. I want to my light be like in first part of picture but i want shadows to be more transparent if you know what i want to say! I remember that i could use in some level editors ambient color if i put gray object shadows will not be that dark is there anything same in Blender?


Create another light?


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you can use ambient light in the world buttons (f5, far right tab) there are 3 sliders: ambR, ambG, ambB. I usually use about 0.1,0.1,0.1

Getting back on topic…

try adding a sun in the exact opposite direct of the original one, but put it’s energy at 0.5. If that doesn’t help enough add more suns at less energy facing in many different directions. also turn off blender materials if it’s active, that helps some.

Not that your post is off topic Captain Oblivion, you just posted right before I did.

Tnx Captain Oblivion thats works perfectly! :slight_smile: Btw that on picture should be pig is 1200triangles good count or i need to trim it a bit.

There also is ambient light available. It’s in the World Buttons. I don’t know if it works with the GE though.

Cute little pig model, there.

Tnx PlanetPerson! im glad you like it :smiley:

you can also play with the self illumination settings in the material tab… I think it’s called emit. anyway setting this will mean the vertex lighting will have a lesser effect and be brighter. I would combine that with other lights and by tweaking the ambient light of the scene.

lovely model - hope it flies :slight_smile:

Yes i have in plan to fly. Something like in banjo kazooie, only you will be limitated in time not in fathers like in banjo.

I have in plan 4 attack in plan.

  • Rolling pig attack.
  • If pig eat corn its shoots like machine gun.
  • If pig eat chili its becomes something flame thrower
  • If pig eat beans its have one strong radial attack