Shadows in BGE


How can i get my object in the BGE to drop shadows?
Is it done by baking?

Thank you

what do you mean to drop shadows?

There is the object shadow, shadow on the object itself.
And there is drop-shadow, shadow that is cast on the surface were the object is standing on.

meemio, check these out.
well written, and easy to follow with a demo blend included.
Shadows is about two thirds of the way down.


this video shows how to easily bake shadows(very usefull):

and if you are interested in other handy stuff, here in section Tutorials(scroll down) are many others learning videos:

Thanks for the replies!

I also would like to know how to get shadows for moving objects, like in this screenshot of Yofrankie.


If GLSL works, then just use shadow buffer lamps.

thanks, but i have moving textures in one scene that will only work with texture face materials.
Is it possible to change these settings between scenes?

here. this is what i use.