Yeah, here’s a new render I did for fun. I’m learning about nodes so I wanted a chance to play with them a bit. I was inspired by the metroid prime 2 start menu (but mine’s not as cool) Yeah, I just made it last night, started at 1 AM finished at 3 AM…Don’t try to blender at 3:00AM it gets a little frustrating…Anyway, yeah. There is some slight post-pro in The GIMP, just added some text and blurred it a little…Y’all can use it as a background or whatever.

Funkyoshi out :cool:

Oh…Here’s the download link for the .blend…


Looks cool

No idea what it is, but thats awesome.

Yeah…That’s kinda the effect I was going for lol

Nodes sound interesting.

What are they?:eek:

Is there a good tutorial you know of that introduces them?

Nodes…hmmm how to describe them…well, from what I know, they basically can make changes to your renders. You can re-color, blur, add glows (a mix of colors and blurs!), overlay images, displace images, and all sorts of things. Kinda like a built in image editor. It’s pretty cool…

so photoshop basically?

blendershop more like it.
very impressive.