Shakti- The Goddess of Death

Shakti is Goddess Kali’s transcending incarnation. She has a raging desire to get justice for women in the world. The distress cries from any woman, anywhere in the world, turn her ordinary self of Chanda into a ferocious killer known as Shakti. When she opens her third eye, situated on her forehead, it beams infernos to burn down the cause of her rage in anger. She is physically the most robust character in the Raj comics universe.

Made with :heart: in blender

Comments & feedback are welcome :slight_smile:


Great work, congrats.

Thats amazing!!

Thank you so much!

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Thank you! Appreciation from the community sure means a lot!

This is looking great, I love the detail of the skeletal human fingers on her arms, also the expression and movement!

Things I’d personally change:

the overall lighting is not suitable for the character imo, makes her look like Wonder Woman. A goddess of Death I would put in a much darker place and - my main point of critique - use the flames that you comped in in post as light sources, since they don’t seem to have any influence. The nice details, like the golden rings around the legs, would still stand out.
You also had a certain movement in mind with the skirt and hair, I’d reproduce it with the flames as well!

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Thank you so much for your appreciation! I completely agree with the lighting to compliment the character. The flames were a last-minute addition as a volumetric shader inside Blender.

Probably the flame reflection and refraction is not coming out the way it was supposed to. I used oval shapes the contain the flames. I do get your point of flames matching the movement. I was a little confused as to how the movement would affect the shape of the flame. Now that you’ve mentioned I should have had looked at more references to achieve the same. I will get back to lighting bit with a new render soon as soon as I finish the new one I am working on.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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I thought the flames had been comped in Photoshop :sweat_smile: Sorry for that insult!
I think there’s too much light from the side, maybe that cancels out the flames somewhat?

I looks to me that she’s been rising fast and is coming to a halt, so the flames would - probably - look something like they’re spilling down the side of her hands, partially. No idea how to achieve (<- typo edit) this, fluid sim maybe?

Sorry for picking on your art, I couldn’t do this atm, I just come from photography and compositing, so that’s what came to my mind!

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Haha. It’s okay. If it didn’t look believable, then it’s a problem. :sweat_smile: 3D or 2D, doesn’t matter. Yes, I guess the intensity of the light is overpowering the flame. I think I need to sculpt a shape (following the motion) to match the movement. And hey, as I said comments and feedback are welcomed. It will help me become a better artist. So thank you for taking out some time to discuss this render :slight_smile:

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I’m enjoying it and I might learn something from it, so I may put some old digital painting into 3D at some point!
Keep going!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Oh my god! Another one! Thank you so so much. :heart::heart::heart: