Hi guys, it is my entry “Shaman Bot” for Blender Cookie’s Robot Contest
Inspired by Sepikmon (Digimon Universe) and Aku-Aku (Crash Bandicoot Universe)
By the way, he is my first ever character i created, so any comments, crits and suggestions are very welcome :slight_smile:


I really like it
My only critique is that the head looks a bit flat so if I were you I would give it a bit of depth
Other than that it’s great
Good luck

Lol… are you sure this is a robot? He looks more like a puppet with no wires.
You have to think before modeling and question yourself: if this is a robot, what is going to make him move. Stuff like that… and that will help you add very important details that will make him more natural and believable.
Good luck on the contest.