Shape Key edits

I have a small problem and was wondering if someone had a fix for this. I made a few shape keys that are connected to drivers for eyes. But I must have accidentally moved a few vertices in my character’s feet ever so slightly during the process of creating the shape key and didn’t notice it till late… Now that the shape keys are done, I was wondering of there was anyway of returning those vertices in the feet to the default position they were before I did the shape key without having to redo the entire shape key. The vertices in the feet only move ever so slightly but there is no way I know that I could actually move them back to their original position.

Select the shapekey. Switch to edit mode. Select everything that you want returned to basis. ‘w’ specials -> blend from shape. “Basis” and 1.0 should be default for the operator, those should make those verts use your basis (undeformed) positions instead. Not on my blender computer, I could have some details wrong, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out.

Thanks bandages, I felt like there should be some way of doing this. It worked but I had to deselect the add check box and it all worked just fine. Thanks again