Shape Key help needed

Hey Guys

I wanted to play around with ShapeKey and IPO Drivers and do a small setup for facical expressions. But i don’t get it i’ve done the following:

  • Created a vertex group (for the eyebrow left as example)
  • Added a Shape to the Mesh
  • Added a Shape Key to the Mesh

Well now my question what do i have to do to get my vertex group moving ? I never worked with that. I’ve looked at the sample file from orange team:

But i don’t know what they did. Now if i move the Shape Slider as example nothing happens. Because i somehow need informations about the movement , rotation of the vertex group but i don’t know how to assign this. Now the only thing that happens is that the Slider moves in the Action viewer and it moves in the IPO View. But as i said nothing happens with the mesh. What do i have to do to proceed ? (and to add a driver for the shape) ?

I don’t get it. Would be great if someone could help me


Not sure if I can help, but I’ll try since I just learned this. After you have your key defined, you have your initial mesh form at 0. Then move the slider to 1 and deform the mesh for the next movement. Add a separate key for each movement this way. When you are ready to animate, simply move to your frame, set the key shape slider to 1 and IKEY > LOCROTSIZE. If you have, let’s say 3 eyebrow movements that can be done in 1 frame, then just create an IKEY > LOCROTSIZE for each shape in that frame. If you look under there is a link to a .blend file that will show you what I mean.

Hope this helps.

You need to edit your vertex group to the new shape you want for that key.
AndyD wrote a great short tutorial on Shape Keys in this thread:

Haarvik: Yes that’s the basic idea. However you don’t need to set LocRotSize; as soon as you move the slider for that key, it automatically sets a Shape key for the current frame. These are not the same as Loc Rot and Size. Also you can set them to less than 1, or even negative values, to allow you to blend morph keys (e.g., open mouth AND smile).

Thanks for correcting me. I almost had it :slight_smile:

Side question: Once I have my mesh and shape keys as I want it. can I do a SHIFT-D and duplicate it? That way if I have 2 of something I don’t have to repeat my steps?


Shape keys get duplicated along with mesh data. But avoid adding or deleting vertices to a mesh with shape keys.

One more question. I did a simple shape deform. The I decided to try and move the location as well. But, when I animate the object stays in the last position. It never animates the object moving?

If you want to translate the whole object to a new location, just set Loc keys in object mode.

You can set a shape key that makes the whole object seem to move, by selecting all its vertices and moving them over. What you’re really doing is moving the mesh relative to the object’s center. There are probably instances where this might be useful, like with rotating objects, but for simple translations just set Location keys.

Ok, I did a SHIFT-D, but as soon as I go to another frame the object goes right back to the origin of the first one. I can’t seem to figure out how to make it stay in it’s own position.

set a location keyframe for the duplicated object. Then it shouldn’t move when you change frames.

I think Blender automatically sets the keyframe if you add the object in frame 1.