Shape Keys (Basis)

Hello I animate my character with Shape Keys (Only) this time.

I can not figure out what the basis is for. The sliders dont doing anything, becaus I have not given them any thing to do.

Do you know any thing abouth this. Let me know
Thanks in advance

The Basis shapekey is a shapekey containing your mesh without any deformation, the other shapekeys are your mesh modified from the Basis.
When you select a shapekey, you can replace the Basis field in order to use another shapekey instead of the Basis as a base for this shapekey.
Usually, you’re not supposed to have several Basis, there’s no problem for all your shapekeys to use the same Basis ; I guess you created them on purpose but I don’t understand why you did that, I think it’s not necessary.

Thanks for reply. I try with only one basis.