Shape Keys in BGE

It’s possible to use Shape keys in the game engine?
I’m plannig make a game with extreme mesh deform actions so this will make it easier.:spin:

yep, it is possible. But I don’t know if the CollsionMesh is changed with shapekey deformation

I think that you need to update collision mesh manualy. However, if the shape action is not significant, you dont need to update collision mesh because it only takes performance away (-;

Got a quick example of how to update the collision mesh Bigbob? I’ve been tinkering with trying to get a soft body object to react to an armature deformed mesh in the BGE without success and the searching I’ve been doing leads me to believe it is not likely to be possible or useful due to performance or parenting issues. (Seems like every time I get an idea for something in the BGE it I hit a brick wall of it not being possible or not being feasible with the way it is designed.)


Just use actuator Edit Object -> replace mesh and choose Phys. That will update the collision mesh for your object.
It would be best to have a separate object with reduced geometry to save procesing power but not until rendering pipeline will be optimised (too many objects on scene cause major slowdown now)

Thanks guys i tried it and it works, time for experimentation

Thanks Bigbob! My idea doesn’t use many objects in the scene so I am not worried about the performance so much. I had tried using a python script that called reinstancePhysicsMesh() and it was returning TRUE (even though the object is in a parent/child setup and the docs say it should fail…) but that wasn’t working. I can’t believe this has been sitting under my nose for months and simply took a single actuator with one option set.

Thanks again.