Shape keys in linked assets

Just wondering if there’s been any progress on this.

I’ve just started using linked assets on a bigger project, and discovered that shape keys are ‘protected’ and inaccessible in the proxy/linked object.

Seems like a shame we can’t at least access the sliders for the shape key influences. I don’t really want to have to build bones and drivers to push these sliders up and down.

Anyone know if this might be available in future or if it can be requested?

It seems like a lost opportunity given the power of shape keys/corrective shape keys, for them not to be available somehow in linked assets.

Just a small bump. Didn’t they use corrective shapes and whatnot in BBB? And what about Animall workflow.

I can’t be the only one that would rather access a shapekey slider than have to think though driver creation for every shapekey I make.

Anyone suggest a dev I should contact to discuss this maybe?