Shape Keys Question

Ok I have an image I’m trying to deform with shape keys. I am trying to get a mouth to open to singing. The image has a mouth that is open and I want the basis to be the mouth closed. I have no problem setting a shape key to close the mouth, but when I bake the sound to the f curves the mouth will close to the voice and open to silence. I want that reversed. How can I accomplish this?

It is not clear what your basis is, mouth open or closed. If your basis is mouth closed and your shape key is mouth open, can’t you just change your basis to mouth open and add a shape key to close the mouth; or am I missing something.

Yeah I did that AlanK. I have added a shape key to close the mouth, but the full weight on that shape key is ofc to close the mouth, so when I bake sound to the f curves the frequency I’ve chosen (the voice) will add weight to the shape key I’ve set a keyframe for and that will close the mouth. When ppl sing they do so with their mouths open. I think I thought of a way to do it while I was in bed last night. Not the answer to my question, but a way around it.

Ok so I rendered all 4000 frames after it appeared I had fixed the issue I was having. But it still renders wrong. I’ll post a link to the finished video and my .blend so maybe someone can tell me wtf is going on. Seems blender ignores my basis.