Shape keys - why it stop working when touching to timeline?

I try to animate fly of the Butterfly. I get good result with shape keys.

After adding keyframe and moving couple of frames Evaluation Time is the same, but wings are not closed (and it is not possible to get it under anymore)! What I am doing wrong?:

Is it because you moved the basis down in the stack? So it occurs at frame 10?

Thanks, but without it, mesh move wrong (*and I can’t get wings closed down). When putting this basic position (Basis) to center it started to work good (without relative option), but not work when animating…

Is this numbers frames or Evaluation Time -numbers? I understood that it is right when center position is 10, if starting from 0 and end in 20? Did I understood that totally wrong?

What I should do if problem is this Basis?

There is this three position:
Key 1: Wings up and bend
Basis: Wings in center - basic position
Key 2: Wings down and bend different way than in key 1

*What I try to do, is adding a F-curve modifier “noise” to this Shape Key-value.


The evaluation time correlates with the number next to the shape key, including the basis. You can add multiple keys for an evaluation time at different points in the timeline. So you can have multiple “evaluation time = 10” keyframes in the timeline… And you can have them anywhere. At least this is how I understand it.

You could remove the shape keys and start again.

Hi, in your screenshots there aren’t any keyframes on the time line. you need to activate the key frame by clicking on the diamond shape button next to the shpekey slider and move forward on the time line to add the next keyframe:
butterfly key frames

Or hovering over the parameter and pressing “i” for insert keyframe.

Only in that picture I had keyframe in frame 0, but when adding it Evaluation Time 10-20 don’t work anymore.

Start again - it’s familiar with everything! :confounded: Sorry that I don’t understand. :thinking:

So kind of this? So it is totally meaning that there have to be Key named “Basis” and it have to be at first?:

Basis: Wings up and bend
Key 1: Wings in center - basic position
Key 2: Wings down and bend different way than in basis-key

It is so hard to understand why wings work allright by adjusting the values before of “Evaluation Time” touching to timeline.

Before touching timeline:

After touching timeline:

That’s the thing, I don’t think so.

But you don’t have any keyframes for the shape keys as is indicated by the lack of color on the evaluation time parameter.

EDIT: I think maybe you have to click the reset timing button if you reorder the keys.

Ok. Thanks again.

I made it from start. Like this:

…and it works now! Thank You helpers a lot and God bless! :finland: :handshake:t4:

Great to hear!