Shape keys with a rig

I have a rig, and to move the characters mouth for words, I need to make shape keys. Can you make a shape key using the rig?

Like, I have a menu, if that’s what you call it, and you can move the boxes/circles around to move the mesh of the character I have. Can I widen the mouth of the character and create a shape key with it, without needing to reset it by going into edit mode?


That should do it.

Good luck!

Thank you! I’ll check it out.

EDIT: It doesn’t really explain (unless I missed it) how to use the rig, and make a shape key with it.

There’s an addon for that™.
Check out the video there for how to use it.

Thanks, I’ts a little confusing. Can you use multiple bones for one shape key?

I guess, but I don’t see why you would want to do that. I usually do it the other way around, multiple shape keys to one bone.

I have a rig, and to move the characters mouth for words, I need to make shape keys. Can you make a shape key using the rig?

I’m assuming what your asking is… Is it possible to ‘Save’ a shape key on a Mesh by manipulating a set of bones in an Armature…

this is possible… yes… move your bones into the desired positions in pose mode… then in your Armature modifier box you should find a “Apply as Shape” button… Hit that… now select your Mesh and in the Mesh Data where your shape keys are you should now find a new ‘Shape Key’ … rename it… and remember to animate it or connect it’s ‘value slider’ to a driver…


That’s what I want, I got a bit confused at the value slider driver. I have not done much rigging before.

[QUOTEI got a bit confused at the value slider driver.[/QUOTE]

yah… Okay but you know what I mean when I say the value slider right?

go to this page and scroll down a bit there some pics of it there…

Or is a pic…



strange… double post…

Yeah, I know what you mean. I never made one, without just editing it in edit mode. I edited the mesh with the bone rig, then did what you said with assigning the mesh and I’m stuck at making the slider move with the mesh.

aaaaa… I see…

well here’s another tutorial on using drivers for shape keys…

hope this helps

Kind of, let me explain what I’m doing. I have a minecraft rig, and I control the way the mouth moves with a rig bone on the far right. When I move that bone, the mesh around the mouth moves. I want to move the bone and the mesh moves to where I want it, save it as a shape key, so the mesh will go back to normal after the shape key value moves.

Save the bone position as a pose in the pose library instead. I think you should forget the shapekeys for now. Name each “shape” you create as a new pose then you can reuse the poses later.

That may work, though what is the best way to do lip-syncing with a minecraft rig? I have seen many youtubers like creepersweeper do it, (They use blender) and I’m not sure what’s the best way to do it is.

The way I’m trying to do it must have shape keys, for the Papagayo to work properly. I don’t at the moment have another way to create this lip-sync.