Shape Keys With Extrude

Hi All,

I started messing around with shape keys and ran into a limitation. I assumed I could extrude new faces and simply include them in a shape key but this does not seem so.

Is there any way to animate various faces extruding using shape keys? Keep in mind that new faces will be added at different points in the animation. Think transformers:yes:

He! I recently went into some “beautifull messes” when trying to touch mesh’s polys AFTER having shapekeyed them. For artistic fun and volontary uncontroled animations, it’s great… otherwise, it only means auto-sabotage.
The only way i see by now, would be to work on several copies of a mesh and bring the shape keys gradually to more complexe changes from one copy then the others. In postcompo, you can then replace the rendered sequences and simulate the transformation of a same and unic object.

Ok, so the answer is NO.
You can not edit your mesh after you apply shape keys. (Dang!)

Multiple mehses was the first thing that came to my mind as well.

Nope, its a poopy fact. Recently I made some shape keys, and didn’t realize i forgot to aplly mirror. I cried.

Because no calculations (for shapes) for extruded vertex and any new edits.
There is issue(but too hard)
1.Edit model in Basis Shape.

  1. 2 … 1001.Correct positoins of new vertex for every shape.