shape keys

Somehow, after animating the lips on my character, I found that the eyebrows were also moving up and down when I rendered the animation. I know that when I used the shape key to animate the mouth that the vertices for my brows…(another shape key) were not selected. In other words I only moved the vertices for the lips, not the brows. Yet the brows continue to move with the lips. So I deleted the brows shape key and they still move with the lips. Since I dont want to lose days of work how can I stop the brows from moving with the lips? Something got screwed up…Thanks for any help. Cindy

cindy, you might have two shape keys, one which moves the brows, and another that moves the lips.

You might want to use the Propagate to All Shapes operation on the W specials menu in Edit Mode after you correct the brows to the basis shape (use the operation with the verts still selected) . If that doesn’t work you could always delete the shape key and the verts that move in that shapekey and then restore them (tab out into Object Mode then back in before you restore the verts - and maybe even save a copy to be safe) …