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(Michael Glen Montague) #22

I tried to recreate the issue to get a better idea of what you’re referring to. Is it that, when you change the blink/smile shapes’ relative key from Basis to a new key (say, Basis2), that the blink/smile shape keys are still basing their deformation off of the original Basis shape key? (Meaning, when you set the values of the blink/smile shape keys to 1.000, the shape reverts back to the way it looks in Basis without the wrinkles of Basis2.)

In that case, you can fix it by selecting all vertices in the blink/smile shape keys and using the Blend From Shape operator under the W (Specials) menu in Edit Mode, then pressing T or F6 to open the properties, and setting the blending key to Basis2, Blend value to 1.000 and enabling the Add checkbox. Note that if you don’t move Basis2 to the very top of the shape key list, you still have to set it to 1.000 to have it show up in the blink/smile shape keys.

As for the add-on, at the moment it doesn’t have a feature that automates this process across multiple shape keys.

(Minju Du) #23

Yes, you are right.

Thanks a lot for your advice. I try it & it work for 1 shape key at once only. If I set the slider to value: 1 for only 1 shape key, then it behaves normal. However, if I set the slider to value: 1 for 2 shape keys (e.g. smile left & smile right), the wrinkle is doubled, which is not what I wanted :frowning:.

I play around with it & found out a way that work well with what I wanted :smiley:. That is if I move the new basis shape key to the top (above original basis shape key), all other shape key deform from the new basis shape key. But the original basis shape key must not be deleted & no “blend from shape” is required as well. I don’t know if this is only applicable for me, but it might help other people with the same problem. Thanks again for the advice, appreciate it @MontagueMGM :blush:

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(Michael Glen Montague) #24

Ah… I thought the shape key’s data somehow got confused by the new relative key, so I forgot to check if the solution persisted with multiple instances. It must have just been superimposing the new shape rather than correcting the current one, which is why it gets doubled with two applications. I imagine you’d just have to set the blend slider to 0.5 for each, but then you’d have to set it to 0.33 if you have 3 shape keys, 0.25 for 4, and so on.

For the workaround, are your shape keys using the modified Basis as their relative key, or the original?

(Minju Du) #25

I’m still using the original basis shape key. Basically I didn’t change any setting on the original shape keys. I only created new shape key for the new basis that I wanted, then move it to the top even on top of the original basis shape key, and that’s it. I hope this solution can work fine for long time for me. I’m not sure why but I think that my Blender sometimes not behaving correctly. Example last time when I tried to simulate cloth, it can’t work at all, but after I closed the program & re-open the program after several hours, it can simulate the cloth again.