Shape sliders converting to IPO curves

I’m a noob to Blender, but am having a really great time with it so far.

One problem I ran into on one of my first animations seems to happen to me only on this model. I have a humanoid character with armature, actions, and NLA strips. That all works great and I have a simple animation that plays as expected.

However, I defined some various shape keys (for later lip synching) but whenever I grab a slider on the Action Editor, it suddenly turns into an IPO curve and my other sliders disappear. (Note: I am not yet familiar with editing IPO curves at all).

I was just expecting it to leave the other sliders alone and insert keyframe for me, like the tutorials I read. In fact, I tried creating a brand new (very basic) rigged mesh, and shape keys work normally for that one!

Is there some setting somewhere that I’m missing? See the following screenshots for what I am talking about.

Before I touch a slider:

Immediately after I touch a slider:

i would be interested in the answer to this as well

Any chance of attaching the blend file that you’re having problems with? :slight_smile:

Of course. Here you go.
frogman.blend (964 KB)

No love for the frogman?

Sorry, I missed your follow-up post. In your file, you have your Shape IPO set to be included in an Action.


You are a genius! That’s totally the part I was missing to let me continue working with shape sliders and create actions and NLA strips from there.

I’m a little confused by that button, but I now see how it behaves and was able to complete some basic lip synching and eye blinking just like I wanted.

It seems every time I hit a brick wall and swear there’s some horrible bug in blender that someone out there has an answer for me.

Thanks so much!!!