Shapekey animation not affecting other copies of the same mesh?

Hey everyone! I have a scene in blender with some decent looking grass and flowers, and would like to make them sway to the wind. All the grass has the same mesh, same with the flowers. I’ve set up a shapekey for the grass and have one of the grass objects play the shapekey animation, but for some reason only that object animates, even though they all share the same mesh. Is there any way to make this work properly, because applying the same logic bricks to each object makes the game lag a lot. Thanks! :slight_smile:

ok so, I would do it like this,

you have 1 controller that triggers all the animations, and the animated meshes can be duplicated easily, (make sure you copy the parent to) as the parent is the 0,0,0 for the animation


DupplicatedActions.blend (456 KB)

It doesn’t matter if the meshes are cloned or even proper dupligroups. The animation is applied per instance. Otherwise you couldn’t have for example 2 of the same characters that wouldn’t play the same animation. Wouldn’t make sense would it?

You will want to apply the logic setup to the dupligroup source mesh with “always” sensor or whatever works for you. I’ve done similar effect with script that also chose a random starting keyframe and rate so that not all meshes swayed in the same exact way.

Thanks, although its a pity it works this way as it has to change the vertices on all the objects, which slows the game down alot :(. Ah well, thanks for your help! :). I’ll have a look at your script Kheetor, that might make it look a bit better as well, even if it goes slower :).

thanks, although I was hoping not to have to do it that way, It seems to be the only way lol :D. Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: