Shapekey between 2 axis

I have a question of shape key expression.
so now i have a Object it have 5 shape key

*E is for fixing when
So i have create a Bone to driven all the shape key:
+Y = A
-Y = B
+X = C
-X = D

then now i want if the bone move between +Y and -X the D shape key will increase the value. but if i only move +Y or -X will not affect any of shape key E,and I have tried made shapekey E driven by +y and -x 50%, but the problem is if i just only use +Y shapekey E will increase 0.5 (becasue 50% driven).i dont know what can i do for it, can anyone help? thanks


Did you pull the driver far to see if it worked. I think the default 1 under generator y= and + is for 1 blender unit. I use averaged values. You just got something mixed up. Is you driver bone parented? use local space and the driver will start from where cleared location if you did not change Y=. Once you get the hang of it it is so fast to add drivers in 2.6 and 5 .

Hello Kazinger,

I have choice averaged values, Im working for the facial rig, so foe the mouth i have made one bone to driven Open, narrow, wide,
so i move the bone Y to -1 it will open the mouth, I move X -1 will narrow it, and i have made the “fix shape” during the Mouth open and narrow, I named it “Fix” i just want it appear during i move between X and Y. because if i move X normally is narrow shape on, but if the Fix shape on also will screw up the narrow shape. so my problem is i want the “Fix shape” during i “Only” move X or Y will not increase any value, but if i move X and Y togther it will increase.

Oh i do not know how to do that, sorry

is ok Kazinger, i 'm trying another method to fix it out, if i solve it will upload it here! thanks for helping ! :smiley: