Shapekey transfer

I’ve been experimenting with shapeKeys. I’ve been able to copy shapeKey animation from one object to the other. It was a simple cube. Now that I got this working, I’ve been trying on a more complex scene but I can’t get it to work and it’s driving me crazy. I do see the shapeKey action with the animation but I just can’t apply it to the other object. They are both identical with the same setup. Can someone take a look at the attached file and help me figure it out? I want to copy the shapeKeys from Head.001 to Head. (3.9 MB)


UPDATE: I realized that if I manually keyframe the shapeKeys, it works. In my file, head.001 comes from a FBX import. We can’t see the keyframe in the editor but the animation is there. Maybe it’s a bug. I will try in 2.79

UPDATE2: Yeah, 2.80 bug. Works in previous version. Will send a bug report