shapes (2.40) question

can anyone explain how to use the new “Shapes” function? Does it take the place of RVKs? I’ve read the documentation concerning shapes but it really only explains what shapes does instead of how to use it. Thanks

Yes, simplified RVK’s and AVK’s all rolled into one.

Add a Shape key. The first will be ‘Basis’, the position of all verts in ‘Neutral’ position.

Edit the mesh, and "Add Shape Key’ again. Call it “Smile”.

Now you can advance frames and (lets say) frame 20 you can set the slider for Smile at .50, at frame 40 set same slider to .00, and at frame 60 set it to 1.00.

Go back to frame 1 and Alt-A and the mesh will go from neutral to half-smile, back to neutral and then to full-smile.

Edit the mesh again to “OpenMouth” and add a 3rd Shape Key. Goto frame 60 set the OpenMouth slider to 1.00. Run Alt-A again and the 2 keys will blend to go from neutral half-smile with opening mouth to neutral with half-open mouth to full-smile with full-open-mouth.


Thanks Fligh, your simple tutorial cleared it all up for me.