Shapeways Annoucnes New Design Color Perfect for Halloween

Halloween is coming, anyone here have any cool Halloween 3D Designs? Well you can get them turned into physical models from Shapeways, a 3D printing co-creation service and community.

For Halloween they announced a new design color. It’s called Black Detail. In celebration of Halloween the new Black Detail material is available at an introductory rate of only $.0.97 per cm3 (66.6% below the regular price) until October 19th, shipping and tax included.

There’s more info on theShapeways blog!

This appears to be a bot. Yet it has also posted some nonsensical posts like regular users.

I’m confused now.

Nah it’s not a bot. Do you even know what Shapeways is? (no offence meant, Sandrew)

It’s a moist bot!