Share our knowlage!!!

Hi everybody! I got an idea today and I think it could turn out great. My idea is that every body that is somewhat of a “pro” blender user should team up with other users and collect full of tuts to be added to one big tut book or online library. Because I am personlly tired of scrolling through the forum looking for some answers and I think many other people are to, I’ts just to many posts out there. There are allready lots of tuts on the net but finding all of them is impossible.

Please tell me what you think of this idea!

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Hi there.

First off, this should be posted into the Off Topic or Elysiun Chat forums and not in the WIP forum. Not trying to be/sound like an ass. Just this is where this topic belongs.

Second, there is a complete listing of Blender tutorials at the top of the Question & Answer forum here. It was compiled, (most graciously and excellently by S68), so that there would be one place to go for tutes and info on Blender. Some great tutorials are there, (including cough one of mine cough).


cough second choiche better.

For what concerns the “Great single Book” that’s what the Blender Documentation Board" is here for.

We are, at the moment, preparing the Blender User Guide, which will be the Open Content version of good old Blender Book.

Then, tutorials will be taken into consideration.

There is a format and a style guide getting written, so that tuts will be consistent.

The place for this is

Actually, any help is welcome :wink: