Share propertys between scene's?

Seems like a simple enough question…

How can I switch from Scene 1 to Scene 2, and keep the player’s logic propertys in tact?

I am useing a Set Scene actuator to load the scene 2 after the player hits a trigger…

the player is linked to scene 2 with control L… everything is in tact… but all propertys are reset to default values when the scene starts…

TIA for any help…

The only solution I have come up with is doing a save and load system Blendenzo was kind enough to contribute HERE:

Is there a more simple way? some other way to link the propertys?

TIA for any help :slight_smile:

This was asked about a week ago, with solutions here:

Python is involved, but it’s the basic stuff.

Thanks blengine,
I am going to try hacking the Health .blend again in the morning.

That is very kind of you to help :slight_smile:
Wish I knew Python.
I hope in future versions of blender game engine we get a little “G” tick box next to our property’s to make them global .

That is 5,000,000 time’s harder than it has to be.

back to the drawing board…

Thanks again blengine… I will attempt to make that work again in the morning.
seems like I have had my best luck de-encrypting things during the morning hours for some reason.
I have way too many hours invested to just give up now.


I got it working…

Sorry for being such a moody pin head last night.