Share your Epic Blender Fails

(michalzisman) #1

Let’s all share in this post our most epic Blender fails.

I’ll start.
I made this back in 2010, with Blender internal. This was when I first started learning 3D, and it was one of my first renders ever.

In case you were looking for a good laugh, I think this image would do…

(Pwet) #2

The very first iteration of my heavy duty exo suit.

It looks funny to me because when I model it I didn’t know anything about correct human proportions. Looking back at my old works amuses me!

(michalzisman) #3

It really is amusing, right? That’s why I created this thread. I looked at some old stuff of mine and had to share at least one of them :smiley:

I have to share another one of my greatest works:

I’m looking at this at laughing out loud!

(Morio) #4

Are we laughing at beginners now?

Do you realise that there are people on this forum that are beginners and would be proud about producing images like the ones in this thread so far? Is it appropriate to laugh at such efforts?

(The Omnilord) #5

^No, we’re laughing at mistakes that we’ve made in past projects. We’re laughing at ourselves, not anyone else. Loosen up a little, there’s no reason to get offended with some harmless fun.

(Ace Dragon) #6

Eventually, every beginner will improve to the point where they look back on their early work with embarrassment.

I can see your point though, everyone has to start somewhere and many of us started back when Blender was just a basic 3D program (so the ‘epic Blender fails’ of today’s beginners will look a heck of a lot nicer than ours).

(michalzisman) #7

This post is supposed to be fun, with each person laughing at himself, not anyone else.
Obviously, back then I thought the images I created as a beginner were super amazing. But today I know better. And yeah, I think it’s okay for me to laugh at my own works.

(bonito lil) #8

Here’s an epically bad model, with topology from hell.

I’ll make a milk bottle, I thought. It will be simple, I thought, and I’ll just use a bit of sculpting to smooth off the handle. After half a day, I gave up and modeled a trifold carton instead.

Look at all those stray trigons! :eyebrowlift: Look at that handle, trying so hard to evolve from the primordial ooze… and failing. In the fine art world the word is “overworked.”

(michalzisman) #9

Hey, Bonito lil. Nice of you to join in :slight_smile:
“…topology from hell”- brilliant! :slight_smile:
When was it? And have you ever tried to model it again?

(bonito lil) #10

That was last year. I’ve been blending for nearly a year now, And I think I’d been learning for about 4 months when I attempted the milk bottle. No, I haven’t tried again, but I know it’s there, lurking in my assets folder. Being disabled, I have the freedom to work in Blender every day, and a few of my blends are on Blend Swap, but sculpting is still a weird and difficult thing.

I might try it with the subsurf modifier next time.

(bonito lil) #11

By the way, I think that displaying failed models is a great teaching aid for beginners. Back when I was a mainframe programmer and we worked in teams, we had a “Bug of the Week” meeting on Fridays,where we showed off our best mistakes and talked about them, learned from them. Because if a programmer thinks they need to hide or minimize errors, the whole edifice of code crashes. No shaming, ever.

(michalzisman) #12

I agree with you 100%
I think it can keep beginners motivated, seeing how we don’t take our mistakes so seriously.

(Pwet) #13

That would actually be good as a deteriorated milk bottle model useful for dirty urban streets just add a grungy texture! :smiley:

(KarlAndreasGroß) #14

what a great thread! Without failure, there is no evolution. No one will start as a master. So, here are my early attemps of “learning”:

“hey, let’s do some surreal stuff. Surrealism is easy, as you don’t need to care about realism. And Glass shaders are easy too”. Ha ha.

" i feel i can explore my emotions with some very profound art which is difficult to understand for non-artists". Thumbs up!

(michalzisman) #15

Hi @KarlAndreasGroß! Nice of you to join in and keep the thread going :slight_smile:
The shape of the face actually looks okay. Except for the world texture on it, I wouldn’t call it a failure.
I have to say that even today I look at some of my renders and wanna bang my head on the wall. I keep trying to get to the photorealism level, but haven’t really succeeded yet.

(bonito lil) #16

I like the concept with the wine bottles, and can’t really see anything wrong with the modelling of the head. Changing the lighting might be the key to making the glass look glassy. :slight_smile:

(wikifry) #17

Oh men, what should a publish… mmm

1st pbr intent, no fresnel

Is more a driver than a shader

(michalzisman) #18

@wikifry, spectacular :wink:

(FoundationsofPause) #19

Subscribing to thread. I don’t know where to begin.

(Pwet) #20

My first attempt to recreate a scene from Silent Hill games series