shared properties across scenes

Hi dear forum,

I’m having a new problem since I have to create a temporary scene for my addon.

I have a PointerProperty I used to place in bpy.types.scene.DupliProxy

But when I create this new scene, this PropertyGroup is a brand new one.

I wonder if there is a way to have these properties shared between scenes.

I tried to register in bpy.types.DupliProxy, but blender doesn’t seem to agree with it.


How about


I don’t disagree but what would be the benefit with bpy.types.WindowManager?

Also, what would be the difference with bpy.types.BlendDataWindowManagers ?

bpy.types.BlendDataWindowManagers doesn’t support bpy.props properties, but bpy.types.WindowManager does. And it behaves like a global object, 'cause there is just one window manager (bpy.context.window_manager).

You should use the property option options={‘SKIP_SAVE’} on bpy.types.WindowManager if you need temporary (as in: not saved to .blend) properties across scenes.

If you don’t plan to add such a temp property to a panel, then use a class and class variables to store things globally (any python types), e.g.:

class G:
    var = 123


Thanks@CoDEmanX for the help.

Much clearer now.