Sharing blender models as interactive 3D PDF files

Just released SimLab Composer 2.0

SimLab Composer is a usable tool that adds power to blender designers.

  • It allows blender designers to get access to CAD formats including SketchUp, STEP, SolidWorks, IGES, DWG and many others
  • It allows blender users to export their designs as interactive 3D PDF files
  • It is powered by a top quality very fast renderer
    To learn more about SimLab Composer release please take a look at

I’m thinking spam…

But then again some of the other threads I’ve considered (and reported as) spam have turned out to become quite popular so we’ll see.

I respectfully disagree with you, I hate spam, and if I think it is, I would not post it.

I understand that you may not be interested, but many Blender users who want to be able to use Belnder to work with CAD Data, so they can create walkthroughs, animation or high quality rendered images using blender, for models coming from the different MCAD/CAD software

Or the ones, who need an efficient way to share their 3D designs with clients

Will see this as a beneficial/relevant note

is the 3d preview interactive? can you rotate it ? didn’t get so much by just fast reading their site.

Yes, generated 3D PDF are interactive.
The recipient will be to rotate, pan, zoom and walk in the model.

The Designer will also be able to include predefined cameras, and set the file to automatically switch between the cameras automatically, or allow the user to manually select the view he wants to see.

How do the 3d files affect the use of pdf’s, will they still be usuable on smartphones and tablets? Looks interesting enough though (although i also thought of spam first time i saw this :p)

3D PDFs are accessible only using Adobe Acrobat reader, usually phones and tablets which include other PDF readers will not be able to view the 3D interactive geometries.

i didn’t know PDF can store 3D content. that’s interesting. now we only need a PDF exporter and importer for blender.

The only problem is that you have to use Adobe Reader, a slow, bloated, buggy annoying piece of crap software if ever there was one.
Maybe this should have been put into the Other Software forum rather than news & discussion.

The idea behind 3D content inside 3D PDF is to share content with none technical recipients, without the need to ask recent to install any new software.

Using Acrobat reader achieves advantages including, it is already installed on most Computers, its 3D interface is very straight forward, and people already know how to use Acrobat reader.

Its disadvantages include certain accessibility issues and frequently discovered security holes. Whether it’s installed on most computers or not doesn’t particularly matter either since Blender is small, customizable and doesn’t require an install in the first place.

I’d never thought to use the bloated POS we call Acrobat to show off 3D models, so I hadn’t tried, but…

Assuming that you have already have the full Acrobat (comes with Creative Suite for example) can’t you do all this yourself?

Add 3D Models to a PDF page:

Supported formats:

I realize that Simlab Composer does other useful stuff, but the subject of this thread is about creating 3D PDF files. On on further digging, it looks like you can embed a Blender model into a PDF without having to buy anything at all.

The following is a PDF, NOT made by me, that was created using only open-source tools:

The format that Adobe uses for 3D content inside of PDFs is “Universal 3D”.

If you follow the link above there is an open-source library available on sourceforge for writing U3D-formatted data. However, you don’t need to bother with it. Just export your model in any format that MeshLab can import…

Then you can use MeshLab to export the model in U3D format. The creator of
the above PDF used pdfLATEX and the movie15 package to assemble it together.