Sharing Config between computers

I’m using two Macs, one in my study, one in my workshop. It helps avoid confusion if I can keep the two workspaces as similar as possible. That includes general settings, shortcuts when I hit Q - everything that can make my workspace in Blender in my workshop the same as the one in my study.

What files do I need to copy between computers to keep them up to date with each other? (Usually I’m updating the study computer than making the same adjustments in the shop computer, but there are times I’d copy the files both ways.)

Also, am I right in assuming that I’d have to exit Blender on the target Mac, copy the files, then start Blender again? In other words, I wouldn’t be so lucky that it’d update when I updated the files, right?

Another option, if it’s possible, is to have both instances of Blender save all configuration files to a shared directory on my network server.

Here is the page of online documentation relative to your question.


The files that may change frequently (after blender exits) are in the 3.x/config folder… (recent-files.txt, bookmarks… userconfig…) and from time to time scripts/addons/

On a unixiode system any folder might link to any other path and so to a network folder… IDK how easy this is for a “normal” user to handle with in the BSD based mac system…

You may also try any (observing changes and) syncronizing solution …

I haven’t had time to write up scripts to make this easy yet, so I wasn’t thinking of it as done, but the info in the docs makes it possible for me to do this. Thank you.