Sharing how I used Blender this past year.

The above is rendered with Cycles on Dual GTX 680s at 200 samples for a project with Travelers Insurance.

Hi all,

I Just wanted to share my latest demo reel. I am a US based Motion Graphics Designer that works mainly with large corporations and some broadcast clients. I use Blender for nearly everything I do. In my demo reel below, 100% of the 3D was made in Blender with a few(very few) things being rendered with Element 3D in after effects. I would love any feedback that anyone may have.

Thank you,

Excellent reel M. Lightning, thx for sharing :slight_smile:

Thank you, my pleasure.

Impressive reel! Cool that you did most of it exclusively with Blender.

why the hell do you use the default Blender font?

It sometimes works best for the situation. Also, the most often requested fonts(Arial, Helvetica) look very similar.


It is awesome continuing to see Blender used in this real world fashion.