sharing objects between scenes?

Can’t seem to get what I want with Append or Link. A blender wiki tutorial describes three types of lighting and provides a .blend file suggesting to Append > scene > (lighting choice) to use them in your own project. Another wiki describes making a lighting system based on parenting spot lamps to the vertices of a geodesic dome. I did this hoping to then import it into another file I have containing my geometric model. However no amount of append option tweaking will give me the geodesic dome lighting object in the same scene as my geometric object. It always comes in as a separate scene.

This post suggests that imported scenes are separate (is this a bug if add to current layer is selected?)

This post suggests that there are problems with objects having 0 material references. My geodesic lamp is like this so I added a material and appended again but that didn’t fix the problem.

Of course I could simply remodel the dome lighting every time I need it in a fraction of the time its taken me to get to this point. But I’d rather know what I’m doing wrong, or if there’s an import limitation I’m not aware of, or perhaps there’s a bug.

So is it possible to share objects etc between scenes? If so how?


Hi cff! Welcome to Blender artists! It’s late here in EU, but I wonder why you can’t just add > New Scene > full copy, and continue ? If you have a basic set-up, you could use this for…well anything. It gets better :rolleyes:

Hi patdog, thanks for the welcome. Not sure I follow your advice. I did scene>add new> fullcopy and got a new scene. Now what? Objects in one scene don’t appear in the other (by design I’m sure). How does it get better? (I’m sure it does because I think blender is awesome but there’s still a lot for me to learn).

Full copy = everything in one scene gets copied to the new scene, so yes they are there - all the objects, lights etc… Do you have all your layers visible?

If you can download video tuts here’s a collection of short explanations - all around 5 to 10 mins. If you scroll down to ‘Multiple Blender Scenes’, should clear up a lot of questions. Hope that helps more…

thanks, that cleared up the problem.