Sharing one UV map to several mesh

I am wanting to make one diffuse map, one normal map etc etc for a group of different objects. The objects are the same character but they are different parts…kind of like pieces of armour etc… I’ve made them separate meshes.

The problem is, when it comes to laying out the UV map, I can only see the position of the currently active object in the UV editor. This makes it difficult to line parts up for a tight fight.

Is there a way I can switch all the maps of my objects to visible in the UV editor window? t would help me line the up so they could effectively read from the same maps.

P.S. I do not want to CTRL-J join them all, because eyelids are set to rotate and joining would throw this off.

Select all objects. Pick the one you want to edit last.
Goto uv window and in view properties select “Other Objs”

Or duplicate and CTRL-J and when finished, separate and copy uv’s to the unjoined version.

Thanks - first solution seems right but the other objects don’t always show - is it missing a step?

The other objects have to share the same texture. I only tested it out once though. If it’s just to adjust the uv’s then it should work ok, otherwise I’d use CTRL-J