shark attack

Hey guys,
Have just started new project inspired by Bruce

Need topology advice.
How would u do that gill openings in this case? Oh, and I gonna rig it later.
Could somebody show me it on this pic?

Very nice! How did you do the texture? Digi paint?

I didn’t yet. This is just a reference image.

Looks sooooo great

So I didn’t get response and did it by myself. So, what about wire? Is it right? Can somebody show me the better way to do it?
And by the way, maybe this sub-forum is wrong for my topic? What do u think which one is more suitable for such type questions? Focused critiques? Support-Modeling?

edit. some more fixes

support-modelling. Ask for help with you’re topology :slight_smile:

Looks ok to me though. Exept the area where the fin is looks like there may be some tris/n-gons?

edit - – duplicate post –

nope. no tris/n-gons, quads only