Shark Ride

Here’s my latest personal project. Girl riding a shark, I thought it was a fun consept.
Also it was fun to make :slight_smile:

click for Hi-Res version
Made with Blender 2.56a and GIMP

thanks for watching

(Btw, whoever moved this to the gallery… High five!)


the sharks mouth looks flat, add some more shadow, other than that its awesome!

I forgot to add the wireframes

wire close

wire total

What a freaky idea! I am impressed. And what a perfect realization!
On the second glance it caught my eyes that there are some repeats in the water splashes, especially of that splash that looks like a “y”. I found four repeats instantly. But this is nitpicking in view of this awesome artwork :slight_smile:

Great (and fun) Idea! Excellent artwork overall! My only nitpick would be the pose of the girl… when a person is riding a horse, their knees hug closely to the animal in order to help keep them solidly seated while galloping. This poor girl, while obviously having a blast, looks to me like she’s about to fly off :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

I still say it needs more shadow over the front of the rope (the part in the mouth) because the shark looks flat, also some more shading at the corner of the sharks mouth is needed and if your wondering why I added a second post, for some odd reason I cant edit my post in here…wonder why

Go to Gallery. Go directly to Gallery. Do not pass “GO!”

Well done ktysdal, I like it a lot.


Great image!

Shark is perfect, so there is nothing to improve. The girl’s proportions look bit off to me (I would go for a slightly smaller head… and bit bigger boobs :wink: , but I guess you could say its a personal preference). Other than that, no objections!

I would love to see the wireframes (from different angles too) and some information about the technique used for splashes would be most welcome.

was it a conscious decision to not have the multiple rows of teeth? impressive stuff here!

Wow, thanks for all the kind comments. They made my day

hehe, not sure thats going to happen… would be awesome though :slight_smile:

Your right, I didn’t see that before. Now I can’t stop looking at that y-shape! Thanks for spotting that one.

I was thinking of making a turntable animation, but I didn’t think people cared. Suppose I was wrong… I did add links to wireframes in my comment beneath the post, but I’ll try to attach them to the main post.

About the splashes.
Since this was meant as an illustration it made a lot of sense just doing that in post. What I did was to find good samples of violent waves and splashes, and used a lot of layers, usually in screen and overlay blending modes to integrate. It’s very much like texturing your render, and it works very well for these kinds of FX.
Just make sure the size of your layers are optimized (if you use Gimp), otherwise this process could be very slow.
I hope that explains it.

Well, not really… I did take considerable amount of artistic liberty in making the shark. My main goal was to make it look bad-ass. So the anatomy is probably not something you would see in a real shark.

Excellent. Julie Bell would be proud.

Brilliant idea. I’d love to see a bit more ‘jeopardy’ for the shark-jocky with a bit of fraying of the rope where it enters the mouth :slight_smile:

Fantastic work, you’re modelling and texturing is excellent; I hope to see this image in the gallery soon.

nice stuff there…
one thing that stood out as odd to me is how both of them are dry as day…
might be good to get more of a wet feel on the shark and parts of the girl…so it feels more like they just came out of the water…

This render makes no sense. I like it.
One thing bugs me, is rope seems to not influence shark skin at all.


Wow, it’s really fabulous! I love the concept :smiley:

@Jose I know right? Ive stated this several times, but noone even paid attention, not even the owner of the image…people are calling for this to be put in the gallery, but with that rope doing that, I believe it needs a little work before the gallery submission

Terrific work all the way around.

Most of all, I keep admiring the girl’s skin rendering.
Great scene!!! some work on this rope, maybe. Some hooks possibly? Because this shark will eat this rope.