need help with proportions


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The only proportion that I see off is the base of the fins(should be a little wider?)
Apart from that, that’s what I would expect a shark to look like.

What species is it ?

It is reaaly convincing, but you should model it in one piece.
Fins needs thickness.
It is sculpted, isn’t it ?

Great looking shark!

Just a couple of small tweaks maybe (feel free to disagree/disregard).

In this contextual example (i.e. the shark in a more natural environment), the head slightly more comes to a point, and the fins and tail areas are smoothed-out a bit so as to appear more natural and less “edgy” / geometry-based. The tail is a bit smaller as well.

Public domain background image source from

Treatment here was a simulated older underwater cam, mainly just to downplay the fact there are no materials/textures on the shark at this point, while letting us examine how this might look within an environment.

Well, maybe it will give you some ideas or convince you to stay with what you have =)

Either way, I wish you the best with your project!

Keep up the great work!