Sharks movement.

Where could I find a tutorial about how to move sharks…I have lots of them modelled and even riggered, but I cannot manage to make them move on a ‘fancy’ way…

Any ideas?

Thx in advance…


the best way to see how something moves is to observe it.

watch some shows or videos on sharks. maybe even find some things on the internet.

in the now very old tutorial guide (#1 or #2), there was a tutorial on animating a dolphin using lattices, if I remember correctly. Perhaps you could make searches on this topi and find interesting results


----I truly acknowledge your interest, but I have got lots of shark videos from National Geographic and BBC, and I have spent hundred -if not thousands- of hours watching those videos. Problem is how to convert all that theory into real things…

----I also acknowledge your contribution as well…but as far as I remember that tutorial told how to ,model a dolphin using lattices, not how to animate it.

Any other suggestions…?

Thanks in advance.

You are wrong :wink: It was in Tutorial Guide #2, written by Geno Ruffalo (aka IceMan…). It used a mix of lattice, RVK and PET to build the animation.


—Would you mind to post the link, please? I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


actually, it is a booklet, printed during the NaN era.

I just checked the e-shop on but unfortunately it is apparently sold out. I’ve not heard of any web version…



Here’s the old Demo .blend: