here’s my last character : Sharky.
I did it in the purpose of making an animation, quiet simple, that won’t involve too many characters. I don’t have a story yet. I wanted something cool like the Crash Bandicoot characters!
I don’t know if he’ll be wise or bad. Maybe both, depending on the situation… Well, I hope you’ll like it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice design. May I critique it a little? I’ve loved bandicoot as a kid. I remember when the first playstation came out and Crash Bandicoot was my first game. I would recommend looking at Tiny for reference. The shark feels bulky on the chest but too straight forward. He would be arching his upper back a bit more backward for something like that. Though for the shark fin I would imagine it making him slouch where his upper body will bend forward. Hopefully this may help you