Sharp edges after subsurf, how to smooth it?

Greetings to everybody,

I’m trying to model this gland showed on left side. I’ve been using a cube on start. After I add subdivision surface modifier I have a problem with some sharp edges. How to smooth it out?

My second problem is making that kind of inset (mark with red quad on picture). I’ve been trying with Knife tool, but sharp edges is also problem after subsurf.

Here is my screenshot:

Thank’s in advance,
Nikola N.

You may try to select all the vertices and Mesh > Edges > Clear sharp, if you accidentally added a sharp edge somewhere.
But this seems more like a case of a bad topology, so where you have more density of vertices they will be subdivided even more in detail. It means that if, in the sharp zones, you have 2 close loops of vertices that deline the shape, with subsurf you’ll obtain more subdivisions on a very little zone, that makes it sharper.
Post your wireframe image… :slight_smile:

You may have 2 verts in the same spot.

I tryed with clear sharp, but without effect. Here I have my wireframe image.