Shattering Glass (w/ Particles?)

Can anyone link me, or describe, how to animate shattered glass? I’m using it for a car crash scene if it matters.
The closest I’ve come is this video on’s site:
The “show unborn particles video” might be excatly it… but:

  1. how do you have the particles the same texture as the object? (Mine appear fairy dust-ish)

  2. how can the particles break apart into cubes instead of the fairy dust?

  3. is it possible to set up random fractures?

  4. can I set up one side of the window to break before the other side (so it has a ripple-like effect. NOT like the matrix helicopter scene. more real-life: “this side breaks first.”)

Thanks a lot for any help!

That’s Broken’s mega-demo using SoftBodies. If you look on Layer 12 you’ll see how he parented a shard (Plane.430) to the Particle Emitter (Plane.429) and turned on Dupliverts in F7. On Layer 11 is another Particle Emitter (Plane.427) for a dust effect. The main shards of the shattered plane are on Layer 1 and are segments cut from an original plane and parted (P in Edit mode) into seperate objects. The rest is in his notes.

  1. if you’re using a Particle Emitter you can use a Greyscale Texture as Force with Texture as Velocity and mapped to either Int or Grad.


That’s Broken’s mega-demo abusing SoftBodies. :slight_smile:

Cool thank you very much for the blend file (sorry for the late response. i was away for the weekend.) however… the softbodies takes at least 15 seconds a frame to process (not even render) on my blender screen. is there any way to speed it up? (both in the crafting and render?)

Also, is it still possible to do it ALL via the particle emitter?

THANKS!:smiley: P.S. explains my initial question. :o

So… it took a while and now I think I have the gist of it… Only question is how does plane in shatter3.blend make the dust and the dupliverts ride on it when they shatter? Still haven’t figured this out :o

You should look into Jahka’s particle patch. It has an explode modifier.

Cool I’m looking into it now.
I did figure out you it helps to set higher keyframes in the particle settings and to have a small deflector rather than the ground that is being used for the entire world. :yes:
However, here’s another question:

Since I’m doing a car crash scene, once the glass breaks onto the floor, how can I get the glass to stop rolling? I tried damping, but it happens to soon or still moves, just slower though… Thanks!
EDIT for future reference: Using Wind Generators allows you to keyframe THAT force.