Sheep It doesn't support scripted drivers

Hi everyone, I just wanted to try out the Sheep it render farm and realised it doesn’t support scripted drivers (or whatever it’s called when you use an expression in a driver). Well, this pretty much screw my animation since it depends on scripted drivers, and also it’s too complex to be rendered with my GPU… so I fear it’s screwed. :(:(:frowning:

So my question is if there is any plans on supporting scripted drivers in Sheep It in the future?

Sorry if this question sounds like out of the blue, but past midnight here :o:o:o

Why don’t you Bake your animation ?

Have you considered asking at the SheepIt website?

There is a contact us form at the bottom of the page, far more likely to get a response there instead of here.

However, if you read the FAQ:

"Is it safe?We are providing Blender which is an official Blender Foundation release, we are not modifying in any way the Blender binary.
We do embed a python script, for single frame rendering and to set up the compute method but we do not allow the owner of a project to use his own script.

You can see that SheepIt do not, and are unlikely to ever allow customs scripts to run, as it would be too easy for someone to use it to run something malicious.

Heh, well it was past midnight when I wrote my messege so I didn’t think further that far…

Thanks for the reply!